» » » Provocations fighters "was awarded the" Donetsk the same problem as the Crimea

Provocations fighters "was awarded the" Donetsk the same problem as the Crimea

Provocations fighters
In Donetsk, has stopped filtering station, which can cause man-made disaster: no water left 400 thousand inhabitants of Donetsk region

On March 13 it was reported in the press center ATO headquarters.

At headquarters recalled that the filtering station is the subject of social value and within the territory controlled by illegal armed formation "NPT".

"The suspension of the station took place because the criminals are once again engaged in provocation to discredit the Armed Forces. In particular, the militants set up several mobile units and installed on trucks mortars, 82 caliber. Mobile groups perform point-blank shootings as the area around the station and the station, "- said the headquarters of ATO.

Besides being unsighted enemy sniper fire for the purpose of prosecution in the Armed Forces.

"On the territory of the region there is no armed forces of Ukraine, no action by the Ukrainian occupation troops to object happens. All statements regarding this incident are untrue," - stressed the headquarters of ATO.

As you know, earlier in the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the shelling and armed provocations near Avdeevki not only lead to losses among military and civilians, but also the destruction of critical infrastructure, which may result in a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

13 March 2016, 20:56