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Chronicle suicide deputies of the Party of Regions

Chronicle suicide deputies of the Party of Regions
The network actively discussing the topic "epidemic" of suicides Deputy. The trend of increased suicide among members of his massive scares Ukrainian.

Only in the period from 25 February to 12 March, four deputies of the Party of Regions committed suicide. Sergei Walter hanged himself, Mikhail Chechetov jumped from the window, Stanislav Miller and Alexander Peklushenko shot themselves. Regions All except Miller, opened criminal cases.

Suicide SERGEY Walter

The first was a 57-year-old for two years as suspended from the mayor of Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) Sergei Walter. Walter hanged himself on February 25 at his home on the stairs leading to the garage. Body found his wife.

Doctors who came to call, was not able to help. The mayor was dead, only doctors stated his death. Sergei Walter were two children - a son and a daughter.

On this day in Walter had to commence trial. Residents believe that their own lives Walter lifted by the court, which lasted two years. The mayor held from 13 criminal cases - from demanding the creation of a criminal gang. The lawyer claims that Walter stated that he will fight to the end, was cheerful despite the fact that at night not sleeping and drinking a sedative and heart pills.

Suicide Mikhail Chechetov

Just a few days - February 28 committed suicide and Regions Mikhail Chechetov. He jumped from the window of his apartment on 17th floor of the building at ul. Mishugi 2. It happened about 1 am. His wife woke up half an hour later went to look for her husband, found only an open window and slippers Chechetov.

MP Anton Gerashchenko said that according to a survey of his wife and others Chechetov seen before, he was in a deep depression after the start of criminal proceedings on suspicion of abusing his official position in the "manual" voting January 162014.

STANISLAV Melnik shot in the forehead

9th March Ukrainian village Obukhov district, Kyiv region committed suicide Chechetov colleague Stanislav Miller - MP from the Party of Regions 53-year-old. He worked in the V and VI, VII convocation Council (2006-20072007-20122012-2014). Miller shot himself with a hunting rifle in the forehead, which was registered to him. Committed suicide in the apartment of a multistory building. MP at the time of suicide was in the apartment alone. Body found his wife returned home.


Another representative of the Regions Party was found dead on March 12. Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Chairman and former Regions Alexander Peklushenko committed suicide. He shot himself at his home in the village Sunny in Zaporozhye.

Farewell note experts at home until found. However, the working version is suicide. Two days before the tragedy, the case of former governor considered to Kirovohrad court.

Two days before these events, March 10 in the Kirov district court of Kirovograd considered material production Peklushenko Alexander. In September he was charged with organizing mass riots. It was another trial, which was conducted examination of witnesses. Peklushenko present and even asked them questions during the meeting - said a law enforcement source.

Suicide "contagious"?

May develop suicidal tendencies MPs after news of the death of colleagues.

- Specifically, this I can not speak - comments assumptions deputy Party of Regions Tatiana Bakhteyeva. - I know he was sick (Stanislav Miller), in which state it was - we did not support the relationship recently. But in this situation, which is our country, too many people develop depression. In entertainers, politicians, active people who are aware of current problems. Everything is possible. Perhaps it was a disease. As a doctor, I can explain suicide unless acute disease.

14 March 2016, 10:30