» » » Will Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to bypass the old rake?

Will Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to bypass the old rake?

Will Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to bypass the old rake?
One hundred years ago, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Krivoy Rog viddililisya from Ukraine and a vote sotsialistichnoyu Independent Republic. The Russian government insisted not have something to do with this matter. They say it will free Ukrainian robitnikiv, and a representative of Russia there are the sole diplomatic purposes. She already occupied North Georgia Collect all pohlinuti cut off Ukraine and Bessarabia from Romania. Schoynostvoreni UPR and the Georgian Democratic Republic were bezsili against Russian aggression, and therefore requested assistance in Europe. She, in turn, did not understand why the general stench virishili, something ma tion right to independence. Do not like it? History are talking in circles. But do we have to repeat a hundredPI errors?

Ukrainian 53 percent in 2015 godu set ourselves the way in Europe as a priority. However, European politicians believe something to speak about Ukraine's accession to the EU, as well as Moldova and Georgia and in the future nablizhchomu not necessary."Eastern Partnership countries are not ready for EU membership, obviously. Ale as well the EU is not in a form that new members take the state budget,"- Said the representative of the EuropeanRebecca Harms.

Will Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to bypass the old rake?

Rebecca Harms. Photo: VOA

The main problemoyu.Bilshe post-Soviet states on EE opinion are those Oligarchy something Controlyuye state structures.This is what prevents Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia nablizitisya to EU membership."Moldova, which until recently bulu most successful of the countries-associates in the sphere of reforms has now Very Hlyboka problem. In the EU nedootsinili those as quickly corruption schemes mogut vidnovitisya and cast thy control of democratic governments and the European Policy of,". . - Said Harms.

Despite this, made reforms aimed at fighting corruption in Tsikh States in 2016 godu slowing.Judicial reform - the most problematic in Georgia, currently under freezing. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, despite promises, has not held a job Question of National Agency on Corruption Prevention. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in February Accept Changes to the Law "On Prevention of Corruption", which allowand deputies unikat responsibility for hidden wealth to svoyh 2017. In Moldova 2 years the EU list of demands to the government is to carry lysh 18%.Changes in legislation, countries artificially prizupinyayutsya associates and reform ma tion cosmetic. Do Nevertheless, the EU is waiting. Ale ego makes something vichikuvannya Policy of conduct?

Heopolitichni question never ma tion odnovimirnoyi answers. Do not only Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia need the support of the EU, and the EU should benefit from association with tsimi krayinami. Politikum European History remembers and knows something it tends povtoryuvatisya. Ale repetition of IT dopustiti not want.

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, letterheads, 1919 was short-lived. Zvilnivshis of Russo colonialists stench trying to build their own independence, but failed vtrimati eeand 5 years. Moldavian Democratic Republic protrimalasya smallest. As a modern and Moldova, uh relations with Romania were Very tisnimi. Nastolko tisnimi, something after two months of independent existence, Romania and seized prisvoyila himself ee territory. This superechilo not only international, but also our own Romanian laws. This no one paid attention. In 1919 godu Europe existed THINGS vazhlivishi, than the occupation of Moldova. For example, the threat of invasion bilshovitskoyi, which Western countries fear the most.

Defender of the problem I wanted to be novostvore UPR. That bulu interesting country. Political elites and commoners were Very svidomimi, there was a strong civil society, on the contrary, it plans to heopolitichnomu bulu too weak. Her rozrivali Battle Between nezlichennimi enemies, people did not know him, learn Whose side and propaganda on the part bilshovikiv complements the overall picture chaos.

How and today, Ukraine would ruhatisya Europe, as requested Entente ee recognize independence. Ale on Parizkiy volumetric conference Russian delegation was not even allowed to negotiate. Government Hrushevskoho of skin lesion in the war arguments are morethan Europe, something the ego state - lysh facility attacks Poland and Russia. On any international legal UPR could Buti question.

Georgian Democratic Republic bulu in nemnoho is better stanovischi. It is, despite many internal fights, the longest of the three countries Remain Independence. One of the biggest WAS Georgian-Ossetian conflict of 1918 the absolute kopipast kotorogo could contemplate in 2008. Today Georgia is one article fulfilled EU requirements and is ready for visa-free regime with the EU krayinami. In 1919 godu ee was admitted krayinami Matidnoyi Europe, for it together with Armenia and Azerbaijan to become a small buffer zone Between Russia and go. In addition, the Tsei region could become an alternative source of oil and gas to Europe, something today also lines the main vector of European-Caucasian policy.

Russia in light of recent events also Consider Georgia as a buffer zone Between its territory and Turkey schytaet Georgian journalist Zviad Koridze. In this regard, the Russian Federation Very nevihidna mozhlivist integration of Georgia into NATO because this would lead to increasing Western military potential on the territory of the country. So now in South Ossetia increasing number of Russian military equipment.

Eugene Magda, Ukrainian political scientist, in his lecture on hibridnu War Notes something Russia vikoristovuye same methods about A svoyh neighbors again and again. She does not want to study svoyh error. And of Europe want. Due to inactivity in 1919 godu it poluchyla giant aggressive Soviet Union right at their doorstep, ready to attack her at the slightest opportunity.

The same in 1991. The EU Used mozhlivist zneshkoditi heopolitichnoho this monster. He was interested to ego neighbor function for clear system were peaceful and predictability. EU koristuyetsya CIM argument today. Although the main motivation ego approximated with krayinami Eastern Partnership, of course, was the aggression of Russia against Georgia and Ukraine, which showed that Russia is not Polish svoyh imperial ambitions.

2016 is virishalnim for European Integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Tim hour power Tsikh powers like the EU tries to prove, something they do not need association. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and though priymaye laws necessary for visa-free regime does not fulfill the requirements vseh assigned to it by the European Parliament."Popravoch Ramus civil society and nibito clear pozytsyyu president, parliament udalos make the following changes to the Law (the Law" On Prevention of Corruption "- approx. Author) that allow officials to a 2016 hide wealth and possessions, perepisuyuchi them in second ownership and far rodichiv , " - Comments by Ukrainian political analyst,Stanislav Fedorchuk. -"Now I expect something the president would veto the law Tsei. If it will not, we will demonstrate once again the EU and inshim our Western partners are not interested in changing zovnishnopolitichnoho vector".In Moldova, contrary to something the first time in 25 years the state government and parliament presents pro-European force, experts do not foresee aktivizatsiyi integration policy. Judicial reform in Georgia will not be actively rozvivatisya. In Moldova and Georgia Can 2016 be the year of early election. Political scientists do not viklyuchayut same mozhlivist and Ukraine. AccordingDavid Blossom, American journalist rozslidnika:"Nothing good during the election does not happen. If this godu nobody vbivatimut, it will be good."

Do we need Europe nastolko, something she terpitime ee disregard for the requirements of governments of countries-associates another year? While the EU has some economic benefits from the association. For example,Zviad Koridzebelieves that the European integration of Georgia is the first step towards European integration of Turkey, which is something Loss Only its largest trading partner and a Very promising market. Just Despite those something Ukraine exports to the EU lysh neighborhood of 30% of its exports (which is to put at least 5% of European imports), establishment of the FTA, these figures will grow. Ale EU have enough arguments to entail bezperspektivni Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia? "On the question of whether we need these EU countries can give a simple answer," - say Rebecca Harms - "and the answer - yes. On the contrary, it is many viklikiv That and the EU, and associate ma tion to overcome."

Even yevroskeptiki find something gives EU countries the CIM big things. This is understandable, because he does not want to repeat the old, but still painful mistakes. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are still was going towards the old rake. And for tsimi they will rake those pochinayetsya something with the letter P and ending with the letter Y. The same is until the time they get around, should not yawn.

Catherine Myachina for iPress.ua

07 March 2016, 14:41