» » » War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters

War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters

War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters
This post is not about weapons. And this post is not about the money. It's about people. Those of who continue to work at their posts, and quietly but surely do the trick. About the people who tell you how to live and why happened this way and not the other way around.

There is an organization like « Ukrspetsexport » which is a concern « Ukroboronprom » .

Main activity - sale of Ukrainian weapons abroad. in fact there are two types of weapons.

1) produced on Ukroboronprom enterprises;
2) surplus Army property.

And the sale of surplus and brought us a basic income.Who knows who is not, butAccording to SIPRI, (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute - an independent international research institute of peace and conflict, especially the issues of arms control and disarmament.) until 2008 Ukraine took the 6th place in the world in arms sales.Then there was a scandal with the seizure of the tradevessel. « Faina » , Trade has become more difficult, and we went down to 9th place. We sold everything. From pistols to anti-aircraft installations. From kung up fighters. But how much is that worth? What we get from this?

Let's look together.
There is the official site of BP which necessarily published all adopted laws, regulations and decisions. And there you can look at here is an interesting document -"Perelіk vіyskovogo Lane Zbroynih Forces, yak Mauger Buti odchuzheno. Kabіnet Mіnіstrіv Ukraine; Rozporyadzhennya, Perelіk number 15082011 od 1022 r. Document 22a-2011-p, chinny, precisely redaktsіya - od of acceptance of 15082011. "

The document specified that, in what quantities and at what price, our army is selling the surplus. Open and see thatin 2011 we wanted to sell - AKM, 2nd category of 190000 units at a price 276 hryvnia apiece.Or maybe you have more to liking SCS? 300000 shares at a price of 59 hryvnia apiece. Yes. 59 hryvnia for SCS. Do you like classical music? Here your attention 180000 Mosin rifles, model 1891 - 1930 at the price of 43 hryvnia apiece. Want German classics? Easy - Mauser 98K in the amount of 900 pieces at a reasonable price of 365 hryvnia. Do you want the machine? PCA - 300000 shares at 55 USD, PPP - 18000 shares at pricesnot 31 hryvnia apiece, Thompson sample 1928 in the amount of 5000 shares at a price of 514 hryvnia per share (Yatsenyuk hello). Not impressed?Maybe you want to buy 20 pieces of Su-24M for 1663 million hryvnia apiece?Or you no longer want 2S3 "Acacia" in the amount of 43 pieces and is priced at 811 thousand hryvnia? When people collect money for the purchase of ancient jeep abroad - let it remember thatBRDM-2M worth 27 thousand, BMP-1 is worth 55 thousand hryvnia and T64BV - (105 pieces) - 330 thousand.

War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters

T-64 at the price of 330 thousand UAH.

And many many others. Hundreds of positions. Tanks, airplanes, generators, tracking station, socks, boots, rocket ATGM, tanks, refrigerators, furthermeasures to missiles "Tochka-U", radios, binoculars, tools, spare parts.In only one of the pages of the book 140. And all these books - 4. The law is still in effect.Would you say that to sell the old, rusty, trash? What sold unusable junk? We sell something that only takes place in warehouses?Do you really believe that you can take the 9th place in the world (!!!) for the sale of weapons by selling scrap metal?Would you say that the war began selling off?

Here is an official document from the service of export control of Ukraine.Over 2014year sold - T72 - 23 pieces, D-30 - 6 pieces, MiG 21 - 5 pieces, Mig29 -1 thing Mi8 - 6 pieces, Mi24V -2 pieces, missiles and launchers (type not specified) - 18 pieces,. rifles and carbines in the total number - 28667 pieces. Well, laugh 584 pistol. During the period from 2014 to 2015 it was sold weapons for $ 980 million in fixed cost expressed in 1990 dollars.Who knew about it and said nothing? With whose permission have occurred all these sales?

War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters

1. Konstantin Morozov, September 31991 - October 41993 Leonid Kravchuk.2. Ivan Bijan 4 October 1993 - October 81993 Leonid Kravchuk.3. Vitaly Radetzky 8 October 1993 - On 25 August 1994 Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma.4. Valery Shmarov August 251994 - July 81996 Leonid Kuchma.5. Alexander Kuzmuk July 111996 - October 242001 Leonid Kuchma.6. Vladimir Shkidchenko November 122001 - June 252003 Leonid Kuchma.7. Marchuk June 252003 - September 232004 Leonid Kuchma.8. Alexander Kuzmuk September 242004 - February 32005 Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko.9. Anatoly Gritsenko, February 42005 - December 182007 Viktor Yushchenko.10. Yuriy Yekhanurov on 18 December 2007 - June 52009 Victor Yushchenko.11. Valeriy Ivashchenko June 52009 - March 112010 Victor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych.12. Michael Ezhel March 112010 - February 82012 Viktor Yanukovych.13. Dmitry Salamatin February 82012 - December 242012 Viktor Yanukovych.14. Pavel Lebedev December 242012 - February 222014 Viktor Yanukovych.15. Volodymyr Zamana February 222014 - February 272014 Alexander Turchinov (acting).16. Igor Tenyukh February 272014 - March 252014 Oleksandr Turchynov (Acting).17. Michael Koval March 252014 - July 32014 Alexander Turchinov (acting), Peter Poroshenko.18. Valery Geleta 3 July 2014- October 142014 Peter Poroshenko.19. Stepan Poltorak - October 142014 - the present. Peter Poroshenko.And I do not accidentally have presidents. Add to that the Cabinet of Ministers - from 1991 to 2015 directors' Ukroboronprom "" Ukrspetsexport "and still it would not be a complete list of those who knew about it but continued to trade. Those who opened the company "pad" for the arms trade. Those who remained silent.
War and huckster: in 2014 Ukraine sold 23 tanks, 6 howitzers, 6 combat aircraft and 8 helicopters
In all these lists. And armed reserve. And basic military training. And sozhennye enemy tanks. And the surviving soldiers. Built hospitals in the country. Education. Roads, streets, kindergartens, schools. It is our and our Debalcevo Gorlovka. Our WCT and our Ilovaysk. Our Donetsk and our Lugansk. Ukrainian Crimea and our borders.Now they teach us to love the homeland, tell what they are patriots, and that only they know how to lead us to success and prosperity. They now teach us to love our country.According to SIPRI estimates (which takes figures from open sources) from 1991 to 2015 Ukraine has sold weapons worth more than 10 billion 851 million dollars in 1990 expressed as a fixed dollar value of the year.All information supplied on this are taken in the public domain. Screenshots are taken from the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and official SIPRI website. Commentaries give links to sites where you can personally verify what I said.So on what homeland, son?

Ivan Kostenko

01 March 2016, 9:26