» » » Where and how to limit Ukraine ee conducted?

Where and how to limit Ukraine ee conducted?

Where and how to limit Ukraine ee conducted?
To return the occupied territory, Ukraine is not to blame Meet lysh of zahidnimi politikami, but also with their own citizens.

It seems, Syriavidtisnila Ukraine to second place in the global order. In the February Munich conference on Security not even remembered about richnitsyu Minsk domovlennostey and spoke mostly about the war in Syria and refugees. Although European Parliament President Martin Schulz says, Europe is not something Ukraine fatigueand investing in it many an hourĀ and energy tightening conflict in the ego weakens current video world interest Ukrainian affairs. Minsk agreement provides for full pripinennya fire, but in the last two months, ofitsiynimi danimi, Ukrainian pozitsiyi RED fired half a thousand times. So, as if fighting and there, but heard firing, explosions, blood flows.

- The position of Franceand Germany, which together with Ukraine and Russia are "Norman Quartet" - and yours, and our- Says military analystSergey Zhurets. -Frozen Conflict meet their long-term interests. Us he is not profitable, but we can not Change situations: we lack resources for transformation, and therefore forces.

Thus Despite those "Norman Quartet" continued Term Minsk domovlennostey in 2016 Ukraine should zamislitis on changing the format of clear negotiations. The economist and political scientistGennady ChizhovBelieves that Vmesto Minsk and Norman format is set Geneva - on attend Ukraine, Russia, European Union and The United States of America, but not attend the self-proclaimed leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk separatists.

-The recent Speech Dmitry Medvedev at the conference in Munich brings us back to the rhetoric of the Cold War. in this case, the position of America more predictable pozytsyyu by France and Germany , - commentedSergei Zhurets .

Minsk agreement, albeit imperfect stench What gave Ukraine an hour and able to partiallyThe potential to restore defense and negotiate with mizhnarodnimi finansovimi structures about A credit. Moreover, since the original - or rather, Non - Russia Minsk II zalezhavsya economic sanctionsImplemented against her go. " Iceberg for" Titanika 's economy were oil prices and sanctions - an embargo on it for "Titaniku" pump for pumping water from the cabins. In the nineties oil also bulu Very cheap, but Russia lived through loans that is Prohibited " - Explains political commentatorPavel Kazarin.

At least the economic situation in the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions entirely dependent on the Kremlin subsidies. So we can pripustiti, and something self-proclaimed political decision kerivnikivTsikh areas Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky prodiktovani Kremlin. " Some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk regions samostiynimi not - pripuskaye journalistEugene Salt . - The stench zalezhatimut from Russia and perebuvatimut in limbo until and faint not. Only the price hike of oil can pokraschiti situations for Putin, but I I doubt that this will happen. Given the appetite of corruption surrounding Putin, the crisis in Russia is inevitable " . If Putin's regime not vitrimaye occupied territory of Donbass will come out from under the control of the Kremlin.

So Russia vazhlivo chimskorishe pozbutisya sanctions, arguing the West, something ymenno Ukraine violates Minsk agreements. Probably because of this samye Terrorists provoke the Ukrainian military obstrilamiAt the contact line. For two years, the conflict has become tion fromwas able, something Russia did not annex the occupied part sobyraetsya Donbass, but instead tries to maximize vihidnih an viboroti terms in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk region autonomous status within Ukraine. Or, if not it will be possible, prevratyt them on forever frozen conflict zone.

Russia plans destroyed our country can interact with the inhabitants of the occupied territories. " The state left the Donbass, vidmovivshis ego fund shall pay pensions. Instead, we should promote the flourishing economy on this territory"- TalkGennady Chizhov. Not identified and remains the question exemption from liability uchasnykov militias. While it is not clear to whom would poshiritis Amnesty Even measuring inhabitants of the occupied territories fear something Ukraine schytaet their criminal, say researcher Oksana Mikheieva history of Donbass.

Not pidtrimuye of isolating the individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and analystEugene Magda. In the opinion of ego, dialogue with the inhabitants of the occupied territories can nalahoditi mediation by international humanitarian organizations. " In addition, there dostatochno people who understand the local specificity,. They should involve the preparation process leading cadres to Tsikh areas with an eye on the hour when occupied territory WILL BE reintegrated"- Recommends Magda.

With the completion of this conflict Can Ukraine to regain lost territory, but will never be the same as earlier. " This war Determine where the line Ukraine"- Said the columnist "ZN"Sergey Rakhmanin. Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk That twenty-five years of independence Ukraine to intehruvalis and principles identifikuvati not afford it, musitimut delati choice.

- Gold Donetsk and Luhansk period clinging to the Soviet seventies-eighties, when miners earn More, than University Student Dean,- SaysPavel Kazarin. -Ale one thousand nine hundred ninety-one year things break down. Ukraine, something has replaced the Soviet Union not clear bulu privileyovanim layers of Donbass, yakih crisis dragged on social bottom. Stink no small feeling something Soviet system vidzhila own way, and virili, something it can play back.

Beyond the fact sociological study "Region, Nation and More: trans-cultural and mizhdistsiplinarna reconceptualize Ukraine" zasvidchilo, something 2013 seventy percent of the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions identifikuvali themselves as Ukrainian.

In the opinionOksana Mikheev, Samoidentifikatsiya largely depends on which state territory belongs. " It was noticeable when Ukraine became independent - says the researcher. - When carried census, his results zasvidchili, something number of Ukrainian increased. People beginnings identifikuvati themselves as citizens of Ukraine who live among this country and ma tion ee passport. Especially young people easily put a sign "equals" between Ukraine and Ukrainian citizen. similar to most European countries, the French live vo France, German in Germany " .

Another factor samoidentifikatsiyi, according to Oksana Mikheev - the flow of information in which people are immersed. Since the occupied territory are available in major Russian and separatistski media stench korihuyut outlook there the people. So these people are waiting for positive changes from the return of occupied Donetsk and Luhansk control authorities. So Need a way to build the future of Donbas first of all in the mind the ego residents.

"Mini terrible in their heads for a mini earth"- Sums up the analyst Eugene Magda. No matter how zminyuvatimetsya situation in the occupied territory, build Nuzhny vzayemini and communicate with their residents, as we inevitably zhitimemo If not immediately, then close.

Natalia Kasyanenko for iPress.ua

07 March 2016, 16:34