» » » Yanukovych responded to the law on confiscation

Yanukovych responded to the law on confiscation

Yanukovych responded to the law on confiscation

He said the Attorney General confirmed the absence of accounts abroad.

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in an interview Reuterscommented on spetskonfiskatsiyi law, according to which he wants to take away assets.

"Talk about" mythical billions "Yanukovych is nothing more than an attempt to present the political" losers "Ukrainian divert attention from the fact that they led the country to collapse. Politically and economically," - he said in comments to the agency.Yanukovych said that Ukraine in its assets consisted of a private home and 29 million in a bank account that has seized government agencies.He added that he has a letter from the Attorney General, a copy of which was provided by Reuters, who confirmed that the former president did not have bank accounts abroad."If the bill passes, senior officials will confiscate anything they want, from any Ukrainian, without proof of guilt or a court order," - said Yanukovych.As reported, March 17 the Verkhovna Rada adopted on first reading a bill on confiscationfunds and income from them, from crime to the sentencing court.Recall, the Cabinet urged the Council to adopt a special law that would allow Confiscation of assets in the budget arrestedViktor Yanukovych and his associates.
19 March 2016, 17:03