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4 foods to lower stress

4 foods to lower stress

Is there a difference between, Äúcomfort food,Äù and, Äúcalming food,Äù? When you,Äôre stressed out, knowing which ones to choose can make all the difference.

Instead of going for heavy, fattening foods that may seem to provide emotional comfort, go for these healthier options instead. They,Äôll improve your mood from the inside out.

- Leafy Greens:Eating these veggies, including folate-packed spinach, produces dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical that has a calming effect
- Turkey:Turkey is high in tryptophan, which will make you sleepy but also boosts happiness and produces serotonin. You can get the same effects from eggs and lentils, too.
- Salmon:The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon counteracts stress hormone. A study at Oregon State University found that medical students who took omega-3 supplements were 20 percent less anxious, compared to those who did not.
- Cashews:These nuts will give you a boost of zinc; low levels of this mineral have been tied to increased anxiety and depression. Add oysters to your list, too, as they are also high in zinc.

20 April 2016, 18:44