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5 quick and easy ways to fit your protein in

5 quick and easy ways to fit your protein in

High-protein diets are great for weight loss, since protein keeps you feeling full for longer. One of the number one complaints from people who struggle to lose weight is that they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. Making healthy meals does not need to be a time consuming, all-day affair. With these easy protein packed foods and tips for your kitchen, maintaining a protein packed diet can not be easier.

Egg beaters

Breakfast omelet, lunch omelet, dinner omelet, whatever time of day it is, an egg omelet is a healthy, low calorie and high protein meal option. Egg beaters contain all the natural protein of whole eggs from the egg carton, without the messy broken shells to contend with. Even more, egg beaters have half the calories, 0g of fat, and 0mg of cholesterol. One serving of egg beaters is a mere 25 calories and contains 5g of protein. Give it a try, and for your next omelet, toss in your favorite veggies to give this meal a nutritious fiber boost.

Peanut butter to my jelly

Peanut butter, a childhood favorite, is often high calorie and high fat, but it's also a convenient high protein food. Slash the calories and the fat by opting for PB2 powdered peanut butter, which has a quarter of the calories and fat, while still packing in 5g of protein. You can finally enjoy peanut butter again, minus the guilt. PB2 can be enjoyed on top of oatmeal, high fiber crackers, or consumed by the spoonful.

Fish: from cans to pouches

Fish is a great lean protein and a source of healthy fats for any diet. If prepping fresh fish is a non-option with your busy schedule, opt for canned or pouched fish, such as heart-healthy salmon. One serving of canned salmon is just 60 calories and contains 12g of protein, more than 20% of your daily protein intake recommendation. Save the fat for the fish by choosing a low fat mayonnaise to mix in, or enjoy it plain.

Greek yogurt

With as much as 18g of protein in one 6 oz. serving, this one is a no brainer. Greek yogurt is a high protein food that should be kept low fat and low sugar by choosing a plain, 0% fat yogurt. Greek yogurt cups are pure grab and go and require no prep whatsoever! Add in some fresh fruits for added natural sweetness and fiber. Alternatively, change things up and use Greek yogurt as a salad dressing base or vegetable dip.

#meal prep

If you do not have time for daily meal preparations, try and set asideonetime slot a week to prepare your food for the week. Healthy meal prep recipes and guides are available online and can be valuable resources for any beginner. Hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken are healthy proteins that can both be made larger scale in advance and portioned out for the week. Also, healthy protein packed casseroles and soups can be made in advance, frozen, and then pulled out as needed.

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