» » » 10 low-calorie desserts for 4th of July

10 low-calorie desserts for 4th of July

10 low-calorie desserts for 4th of July

After an indulgent day of feasting on barbecued ribs, ooey-gooey mac and cheese, burgers, and baked beans, there's only one way to conclude the classic Fourth of July cookout: With flutes of bubbly and a low-calorie treat. This year, skip the creamy flag cakes, and sweet, buttery pies, and let dessert be your chance to cut back a little and exercise some portion control.

Serving low-calorie desserts after your oversized grilled dinner does not mean you need to resort to store-bought treats. Instead, you can easily limit the calories by preparing something from scratch. Why not try making a batch of super simple frozen ice pops, or a tangy, refreshing, fat-free Key lime sorbet, or even a summer fruit cobbler with a healthy granola topping? We're not willing to compromise on flavor with our desserts, so you can rest assured that these low-calorie treats really are nothing short of amazing.

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Do not leave your guests wanting more, and do not force them to leave your party uncomfortable full: Fulfill their sweet tooth craving with these wonderful, low-calorie treats, which are both tasty and refreshing. And do not forget that ice pops are even better when dipped in prosecco:[/b]The ultimate boozy, sweet, two-in-one summer holiday experience.

1. Applesauce Ice Pops

Nothing says summer like ice pops,and the flavor possibilities are limitless. If you can freeze it, it can become an ice pop! Applesauce ice pops are especially great snacks for both children and adults. Pur & eacute; ed applesauce works best - it can be thinned out with water, making for a consistency more suitable for freezing. Children love this snack because it puts the familiar - applesauce - on a stick! Adults will love it, too, particularly with the addition of chopped herbs like mint or rosemary for a grown-up spin on a childhood favorite.

2. Blackberry Ice Pops

These delicious ice pops are as satisfying to eat as they are to look at - they're a refreshing way to beat the summer heat. Even better, this recipe comes in at under 100 calories a pop.

3. Fat-Free Key Lime Sorbet

The great thing aboutthis tart and refreshing sorbetis that you do not need an ice cream machine to make it. Just freeze the sorbet in a bowl, whisking it every hour for four hours until it's smooth and creamy.

4. Fresh Fruit Cake

This fresh fruit cake is far from the classic Christmastime iteration: it's made entirely of fresh fruit. Use a large round piece of watermelon as the base and decorate with your other favorite fruits.

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