» » » Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia

Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia

Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia
Aggression against Georgia and Ukraine preceded advocacy, promotion natsionalistichnih movements and memory manipulation istorichnoyu Using mirotvorchoyi rhetoric.

Error Presidents

Prerequisites for war and occupation of parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions were 70% laid Russian propaganda, and lysh 30% - vnutrishnimi factor. So schytaet political expertYevheMr. Magda, Author of "hybrid warfare: Survive and win." Ethnic conflict in Donbas was - according to a poll in March 2013 First RED-third of people in the region identifikuvali themselves as Ukrainian. Their discontent was purely socio-economic nature.

-This problem lysh occupied and controlled by Ukraine and territories- Says Magda. -In this region, people worked hard in inhuman conditions. Among the unemployed poshiryuvalis alcoholism and drug addiction. Small and medium enterprises were absent. State and local princes pumped from Donbass resources stavlyachis the region as a source of raw materials.

Georgian journalist and media experts Zviad Koridzemarked something of Russiaavzhdi vikoristovuye internal problems of the state, which plans against aggression pidsilyuyuchi their propaganda. If the Ukrainian Donbas conditions for social unrest created svoymy, in Georgia, Russia contributed to this: in the 90th it closed the border with Abkhazia, Abkhaz pozbavivshi Opportunity vvoziti tsitrusovi. Georgia is, instead nalahoditi economic and political contacts with the rebellious autonomy, for its part also blocked the import of Abkhaz products. For Abkhazia, based economy which is export of citrus, it was a painful blow.

Before the invasion of 2008 Russia skoristalas dissatisfaction natsionalistichnoyu Society Policy of hruzinskoyi power, says Koridze:

- When the USSR collapsed, Georgia gosudarstvennichesky had experience and knew how to povoditis. Spriyala Russia to Georgia prypuskalasya errors. One of them bulu disease thionalizmu inherent in all young state. Unfortunately, this disease microbe lives in Georgian society and Nina. Russia encouraged natsionalistichni Movement. We made a mistake in 2008 godu zdiynyavshi wave against Ossetians. We had virishuvati conflict by political means, to seek compromise instead natsionalistichna Georgian Policy of rhetoric has become a pretext for war.

Ossetians and Abkhaz live in their land, and Georgia viklikala asimilyatsiyna policies they dislike and opposition. Russia dochekaysya when Tsei conflict by going to the "hot" phase, assumed the role of peacemaker and ryativnitsi Ossetians and abzahiv. Moreover, according to Zviad Koridze, before the invasion of Russia Pochayev handing out passports to residents of the Tskhinvali region to have another argument - Need zahistiti aggression Russo citizens.

Russia manipulyuvala natsionalistichnimi sentiments in Georgia long ago."Back in the twenties and thirty years after the Soviet leadership Description set in Georgia is prohibited on land sales ethnic minority , - SaysZviad Koridze . -As a result of we zamikalis in himself. The government sought to urbanize Georgia and ohruziniti Tbilisi and Batumi where many Armenians lived " . As a Ukrainian, Georgian peasants moved to the cities within industrialization. The result was mono industrial city of patriarchal society, they say, do not take Muslims, Armenians ETC. According to Zviad Koridze team Mikheil Saakashvili tried to fight the patriarchal Jacob managers consider obstacle to the modernization of Georgia.

Modernization orders of the then opposition leader AutonoeIn Service of Adjara Aslan abashIdzo. The conflict arose something Between Tbilisi and Batumi in 2004 managed zalahoditi political means. In the opinion Koridze, it allowed Saakashvili pochuvatisya strong leader, and HE overestimated svoy opportunities.

Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia

Mikheil Saakashvili and Aslan Abashidze. Photo: AFP

-He is the victim of a patriarchal system of coordinates and reshyl, something can u apply forces to solve problems- Explains the expert. -Saakashvili acted to Russian provocation. According to Russian propaganda told how at night Georgians attacked Tskhinvali, as Hitler one thousand nine hundred forty-one feed on the Soviet Union.

Dean of Caucasus School of Journalism Nino Ivanishvili believes thatby 2008 Georgian state did not have adequate political culture and language did not have diplomacy. Decision pervogo Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia abolish the autonomy of South Ossetia conflict prizvelo to exacerbations. Gamsakhurdia desire to build a state independent of the Former metropolis, was cast as a Russian propaganda attempted genocide of Abkhazians and Ossetians.

History as an instrument of hybrid warfare

In the preface to the book "History Ukrainian, Russian policy, European future"Timothy Snyderwarned something riznitsya istorichnoyu Between science and istorichnoyu memory is the same as Between love and pornography.

-Moscow wants to Mark the Russian identity- Says Eugene Magda. In the opinion of ego, Kremlin successfully vikoristovuye istorichnu memory in hybrid warfare against Ukraine. -It began in the nineteenth century, when Valuev Circular and Ems decree banned all royal power Ukrainian.

Most manipulations stosuyut history of World War II Kremlin denounces vseh opponents "fascists," and mention of grandparents vikoristovuye victory as a justification for aggression. Russian President Putin explained the reason for the annexation of the Crimea in a Way:"More than 96% of Crimean statements for reunification with Russia. Perekonlivi maximum figures. To understand why this choice samye, and enough to know the history of the Crimea, nobility, and mean something meant for Russia the Crimea and Crimea to Russia. In Crimea, literally everything pronyzannost our common history and pride. This ancient Hersonissos, which is the real baptism of Prince Vladimir. His spirit onengin - navernennyado Orthodoxy - determined cultural, value, tsivilizatsiynu framework that unites peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In Crimea - Russo graves of soldiers, the courage of all others Crimea in 1783 godu WAS taking into Russian state. Crimea - Sevastopol is a city legend, the great city Will, walled city and the birthplace of the Russian Black Sea Navy. Crimea - Balaklava and it Kerch, Malakhov Kurgan and mountain-breather. Each Tsikh holy place for us. It is a symbol of Russian military glory and unprecedented valor ".

Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia


Go Crimea in 1954 of the Ukrainian Soviet sotsialistichnoyi REPUBLIC Putin called illegal: "this decision was taken in clear violation Chinn in one hour Constituent standards. Issues taken behind the scenes. SohodNo, because already many years, I heard Crimeans say something not mogut accept the istorichnoyu nespravedlivistyu ".

The teacher of the State University of ElijahOleg Panfilovemphasizes something is the case with Georgia, Russia is not robila focus on historical past:

"Georgia in Russia istorichnih no complaints, except for those stories, something George treatise save Georgia. In fact, Russia occupied Georgia in 1801 godu ".

Complex peacekeepers

Instead of history in 2008 godu Russia vikoristovuvala mirotvorchu rhetoric. Oleg Panfilov mentions something cob of hostilities in the Tskhinvali region ( "South Ossetia") in the media shew Russolisya figures about the number allegedly killed civilians at night. That argument will Tsei key justification "mirotvorchoyi mission" of.

Different numbers called, but always stink perevischuvali thousand persons were guilty of something just customize the Russian society and international spivtovaristvo sharp perceptions hruzinskoyi aggression viklikati feeling patriotizmu Need zahistiti and Ossetians. Only a few months This figure stopped using Even in the promotion, since neither prove genocide Guide Description of South Ossetia, the Russian authorities have not so and failed. Since Tsei was a key argument to justify the occupation of Tskhinvali region and second regions of Georgia, interesting history there prostezhiti figure.

Intrigue, time-tested: how to prepare for the invasion of Russia

A resident Ґori relative mourns after bombing. Photo: RFE

August 8 at www.vesti.rugovernment officials of North Ossetia called first numbers:"For vidomostyami Teimuraz Kasayeva, Minister for Nationalities Affairs of North Ossetia, according to preliminary danimi, as a result of the attack Georgian troops in South Ossetia perished More than a thousand civilians. Lights destroyed Tskhinvali, burning the village. Ossetian people perezhivaye tragedy of colossal proportions."

August 9th agency "RIA Novosti" agency with reference to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov povidomilo, something "the number of victims of the conflict in South Ossetia rose to 15 thousands of people." The next day, on August 10 the agency ITAR-TASS led me to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin:"Today is the 4th day of the tragic events in South Ossetia. Results catastrophic: First RED killed thousands of people, mostly Ossetians, the majority - the citizens of Russia".

August 25 Council of Federation of Russia launched an appeal to President Medvedev Prokhanov recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. First Council of the Federation, and Seredina day - the State Duma - unanimously Accept relevant appeal to the President:

"The refusal of Georgia on the signing of an agreement is on the nonuse of force ahresivni Acts as a result of all others perished thousands of civilians in South Ossetia and zahostrivsya Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, finally pozbavili Georgian leadership Description claim to those that the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia zalezhavsya of hruzinskoyi policy adventurism which prizvela a humanitarian catastrophe. "

August 26 "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an interview with the head of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor of Russia Alexander Bastrikina. On the question of"Do confirmed genocide against the Ossetian people?"Bastrikin replied:"Completely. It has been established something from 7 to 12 August armed forces of Georgia aimed at small vinischiti national group of Ossetians That prozhivayut on the territory of South Ossetia."

In 2014 godu before the occupation of Donbass, Putin ozbroyivshis idea of ​​"Russian world", also referring to himself the role of peacemaker:"If we see something lawlessness pochinayetsya in the Eastern regions If people asked us for help, and the official address of the current lehitimnoho president we already have, we zalishayemo the right to use all our means to protect Tsikh people. I believe it It lehitimnim, and this matches our interest about a defense of the people, all others we consider a neighborhood associated with us historically, a common culture, and economically " - Stating Putin on March 4. At the hour disgraced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, something fled to Russia, already announce something inhabitants of the Crimea and Donbas not obey the decision of the "Bandera". Characteristically, something Russian propaganda, not having any evidence zvinuvachuvala new Ukrainian authorities of antisemitism and falsifikuvalo Russian television story about persecution and escape of Jews from Ukraine.

And in 2008 Georgia in 2014 and Ukraine in the first month Russian thesis of the propaganda confrontation "of Russian measure" and America. For people born in the USSR, the manipulation of sounds convincing.

Even former Czech President Vaclav Klaus in an interview with the Austrian edition of Die Presse called armed confrontation in Donbas "conflict States and Europe against Russia." According to Zviad Koridze, Georgia Russian propaganda also tried pozbaviti subjectivity."Recently, one of the Georgian billionaire said something 20% ​​of the territory of Georgia occupied by Russia, but the remaining 80% occupied America , - Give examples of the expert. -Pro-Russian propaganda Even told me something the European Union not receive Georgia until the last Georgian people not state ґeyem " .

According to the American journalist and mediakonsultanta David Blossom, who works in Georgia, real borders of occupation - not on the territory boundary, and in the minds of citizens. This awareness is not pomozhet neither Ukraine nor Georgia return the occupied territory, but pomozhet set ourselves a new goal - to return the occupied people with consciousness.

Peter Tkachyshyn for iPress.ua
09 March 2016, 16:58