Summit angry

Summit angry
Head vneshnepolitcheskih offices of "Norman Quartet" departed from the meeting in Paris in apparent irritation. And it does not have to wonder, because the presence of global misunderstanding of each other's goals and instruments that can achieve these goals. Ukraine is interested in the restoration of the territorial integrity and maintaining sanctions against.In the Kiev do not understand how you can organize a political process with continued clashes on the contact line and the Russian military and political control over the occupied territories.Russia is interested in lifting sanctions against yourself- But at the same time maintaining political and military control over the occupied territories. As a tool for lifting sanctions sees Russia charges Ukraine to default Minsk agreements.Germany (and its first foreign minister) and France (at least) see the output in gradual freezing of the conflictand removal of sanctions.Thus, they prevent the threat of a new war and restore economic climate that prevailed in Europe before the Russian attack on Donbass.

Steinmeier and French Protocol I predlozhyly simvolichno miracle Between Hérault and Lavrov, but seems no progress with Russia This promotes not.

- Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 3 March 2016 r.

That's how it looks in practice. Along with Lavrov and we are all in the same company, but I still talk to and Steinmeier Hérault

- Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 3 March 2016 r. But there are discrepancies begin.West can not remove the sanctions of "just" because Ukraine does not fulfill Minsk agreements. West is important that Moscow went to meet- In particular, the design of the OSCE presence in the occupied territories and the OSCE in the transfer of control over the situation, and possibly over the area of ​​the border. And to the OSCE, not "name Zakharchenko electoral commission" conducted local elections. This position Steinmeier and Klimkin unexpectedly coincide. Steinmeier: "This is the basic requirement without security there can be elections». Klimkin, "it should be a comprehensive security and without that we can not talk about elections».But Lavrov was not going to discuss any security issues and enhancing the role of the OSCE. Moscow also not stupid sitting there well aware that suspension and even weakening Russia's military and political control over the occupied territories will inevitably lead to the end of the conflict. And this no one in the Kremlin is not interested.In Moscow believe that the Europeans are so interested in the lifting of sanctions against Russia (and Russian "antisanktsiy") - which should send them to pass - and it will happen by itself.Simply put, is it not enough that Ukraine does not fulfill Minsk agreements, and for that you can not punish Russia? The fact that Russia should go with its part - even a little - at least to pretend that it does something for peace (but not Ukraine) - no one in the Kremlin just does not occur. So Lavrov looks on their Western colleagues with amazement. And they - it. And it will last exactly until the day until Moscow decided that from Donbass time to go and to think about maintaining your own person and not a European.
04 March 2016, 7:46