» » » The concert LOBODA fan rushed the stage and kissed the singer

The concert LOBODA fan rushed the stage and kissed the singer

The concert LOBODA fan rushed the stage and kissed the singer
LOBODA celebrated on March 8th on the stage.

The singer has traditionally welcomed with International Women's Day all the ladies brilliant concert.

Fans of the actress gave his talent not only emotional and original show, but appeared in public in a new form, based on - stylish curls.

This LOBODA not betrayed his love for the classics and a little black dress with pleasure and applause sang in "hell love."

- My dear, the holiday Us A woman can do anything - remember this - greeted fans and set the pace LOBODA festive night. - Complete euphoria of 8 March !!!

However, some fans have embraced the words too literally and stars with special enthusiasm rushed fulfill its appeal. At the height of the show LOBODA fan jumped on stage, the singer picked up and zakruzhlyav in a passionate kiss. The singer was a bit shocked, but especially not resist.

Fortunately, there were no health interventions: actress showed a gesture that needs no assistance and reacted with understanding to such displays of affection of the faithful and so emotional admirer.

A producer singer Natella Krapivina even left in his Instagramhumorous post about the incident in Odessa:

- Romancing the beautiful bearded, who burst on the scene "gardens" and twisted actress in a passionate kiss !! Eeeh lucky Svetlana !! Good as hell !!!

Note that in his speech LOBODA once again went to "break pattern" and asked the club not to interfere with the protection of the guests to dance. And supporters of the stars leaving their VIP-place fun right under the stage.

Recall LOBODA recently went on a European tour in the format of "club". The first round of the new program will see residents of Ukrainian cities, and actress and her team go to concerts in Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Germany.

11 March 2016, 21:10