» » » Chaly and Menyaylo entered the political steep dive, leave the kotorogo Only someone one can

Chaly and Menyaylo entered the political steep dive, leave the kotorogo Only someone one can

Chaly and Menyaylo entered the political steep dive, leave the kotorogo Only someone one can
For two years the political system exists in Sevastopol rezhimi constant confrontation Between Executive and legislative hilkami power. The conflict that arose Between the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Governor Alexei Chalim Sergei Menyaylo immediately after the annexation, is still continuing, Moreover comes into momentum.

For Tsei hour parties have signaled something to the peaceful resolution of the conflict should not count shvidshe and vice versa - all completed Only with the departure of one of the Policy of. Rotary in this regard was the statement by Alexei Chaly his resignation, made napereddni Novoyear. His decision motivuvav OH vikonavchoyi power failure virishuvati key problems of the city and the need to bear responsibility for it. Also Chaly also please the governor to make an analysis "of its activities and relevant conclusions."

Such a decision, at first glance, would put an end to protracted protistoyanni, but in practice it has morethan pohirshilo situations. The status of ex-speaker Chaly is the second month - members of the legislative assembly and so were not able to take an appropriate decision. Moreover, the stench Tsei hour vstihli Vote for recognition of the power of the city vikonavchoyi unsatisfactory and recommended Sergey Menyaylo pita bread resign. According to a group of deputies from among the supporters Chaly introduced to the Legislative Assembly amendments to the charter of the city, shall comply with whom to elect the governor to blame the general election. The bill was not accepted vdalynisya - "for" vote 13 out of 24 deputies (for adoption decision neobhodimo minimum of 16 votes).

Thus, the likely resignation Chaly is less realistichnoyu. Now ego duties the deputy speaker and secretary of the political council of the local branch of "United Russia" Catherine Altabayeva. It seems that the "people's action" is not retired, but instead went on the offensive. March 10 at an extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly deputies did not want to consider the governor's bill to amend the city budget. In response Menyaylo said skliche Again something extraordinary meeting.

Own suspensions

Sevastopol analyst, who wished to leave anonymously, in Comments QirimInfo statements of opinion, something final dismissal for Chaly shvidsheit will not happen - Policy of vihidno be suspended. On the one hand, he remains the formal aside from Cree, something vibuhnula, on the other - retains control over situations through group svoyh deputies.

"This kind of attempt shovatisya by own way environment and escape from any yakih the political promises. As a result of, it retains control of the Legislative Assembly, 13 votes dostatochno for making any yakih DECISIONS, except the key. As a bonus, going into" retirement " Chaly poluchyl mozhlivist not be responsible both to the inhabitants of a city, and to svoymy colleagues on the deputies. for him, it's easy: He Can not answer calls to the governor, or not come at official events, simply put, he washed his hands ", - explained expert.

This pozytsyyu confirmed by another source of regional branch of "United Russia", inzhaluysta in komintari n "Hazete.ru" ego named statement "political speculation," added Chaly something "go nowhere and not from the cob zbiravsya." Comments In Another Russian newspaper - "Y" - a source close to the presidential administration, significantly zauvazhilo, something "Alexei Chaly - this agenda" of Vladimir Putin.

Sam "national measures" not to waste vislovlyuvannyah nazivaye and situations, something happened Around ego resignation farce. "A huge number of deputies strongly vislovlyuvali dissatisfaction with my work, shouting from their seats, throwing deputy mandates. I think the stench flood nabratisya courage and make approved "- Chaly tsituye statement the press service of the Legislative Assembly.

According to the analyst, such statements also indicate undesirable policy to leave the office." Prohubernatorski MPs notable to gather enough votes for adoption of the decision, "- say spivrozmovnik. Moreover, the danimi" Gazeta.ru " zapretyly Chaly opponents raise this issue." The Kremlin is not interested in is to inflate conflict ", - Says the publication.

Blackmail Kremlin

Another Trump in strengthening pozitsiy Chaly Can sex figure local businessman Oleg Nikolayev. The latter will lead the Sevastopol branch of the Russian party "just cause" and intends balotuvatisya the elections in the State Duma of Russia on single-member district. Nikolaev - a good friend Chaly and poluchyl media popularity after he became one of uchasnykov initsiativnoyi of "Serve Sevastopol . "This organization skladayetsya representatives of the local headquarters of the Other Russia organization "of the All People's Front" and the deputies of the Legislative Assembly.

Last summer initsiativna First group gathered 20 thousand. Signatures of citizens under appeal to Putin, where opisuvalasya negative situation in the city.After that, in Nikolayev vinikli problems with the business - the restaurant "The Island," which he belongs with the test came Rospotrebnadzor representative and the prosecutor's office. Similar problems vinikli snack street network "Wolves, Sheep," which is also owned by Nikolayev. In an interview with "Novaya Gazeta" businessman right zvinuvachuye governor in the political pressure. Sam Menyaylo Tsei fact denies.

"Today Can Actually Chaly blackmail the Kremlin. If not satisfy egos political ambitions about A control of the government of Sevastopol, then invest ituye of my political capital in the party "just cause" and Nikolayev candidacy as deputy odnomandatnykiv. The share of the mandate of the State Duma of many depends on Chaly. Since the candidate in question from the "United Russia" not koristuyetsya no weight in the city. If Chaly spoke out against - that is a good chance something yedinoros lose "- says the expert.

Earlier Russian political analyst Konstantin Kalachev also statements of opinion, something in Nikolayev is a real chance to go to the State Duma. "In the region, he[голова партії Борис Титов]Will delati rate of those who brought the voices shall Even criticism of regional or local authorities. Involvement Nikolaeva fits into this concept . Minimum conflict at levels federal, kontrpozitsiyuvannya at regional levels, "- explained Kalachev.

From the "United Russia" to take part so far in the previous party poll revealed two desires Municipality MP - Sergei and Yuri Liseytsev Zhbankov.

As for Sergei Menyaylo, the ego arsenal in this protistoyanni objectively much weaker. It consists of administrative resources, support or at least loyalty from the Kremlin (something in the end is key), and a set of the political errors.

Suffice it to recall the recent history of the film "The 4th defense of Sevastopol," which showed in schools. Film Just say something spravzhnimi heroes "Russian Spring" is Governor Sergei Menyaylo envoy and the President of Russia in the Crimea Oleg Oleg Belaventsev Oleg Evgenievich. That stench, the opinion makers of the tape, "ran the delicate process of accession of Crimea and Sevastopol." Alex Chaloy not find places Among the heroes of the "Russian Spring". According to Sergei Menyaylo denied prichetnist to the creation and distribution of the tape.

Overall governor oversees the entire gamut of the political events that unfold Around him, with remarkable calm. For example, when the headlines tapes several days talking about retirement Chaly and further details, Menyaylo Even with some melancholy and partial detachment commented: "I do not know why he did so."

However, the essence of Spock Menyaylo apparently is something he is well aware army-whether despite all fall down Chaly, pribrati ego from the post of governor (Exactly how and priznachiti) may lysh Russian President.

Black Label "front of the All"

Today planyruyut visit Sevastopol representative "of the All People's Front" - the organization created and led by Vladimir Putin personally. It is mainly engaged in writing and introducing bills to the State Duma, as well as monitoring and criticism of regional officials.Official vizitu goal - to discuss with the authorities "Peninsula integration with Russia." Informal - "pomiriti Local elites".

The principal difference between this attempt to appease the federal government Chaly and Menyaylo previous track record consists in the very organization.

In 2013 godu ONF activists povidomili Putin something Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin costs on your image vicinity of 700 million rubles. Also ego rozkritikuvali for public procurement of vehicles, purchase of helicopters and repair costs Residence. In spring 2015 the governor's office were searched, and most ego Together with pidlehlimi detained and taken under guard to Moscow. Now the former governor is in prison.

At the end of 2013 ONF include the Chelyabinsk region in the list of the most wasteful regions. A few months Putin Accept the resignation of Governor Mikhail Yurevich.

In autumn 2014 ONF activists virishili rozibratisya of tenders to lease expensive cars for officials Tver region. Rolled March Governor Andrew Shevelev resigned by own desires. It's Only the most vivid examples of the work of ONF mistsevimi elitami.

On Thursday, Alexei Chaly said something activists of the local branch of ONF sent to the central headquarters of the organization documents in all others nibito Evidence collected neefektivnoyi government of the city.

Taras Ibragimov for QirimInfo

12 March 2016, 16:50