» » » Igor Nikolaev ran from Natasha Koroleva

Igor Nikolaev ran from Natasha Koroleva

Igor Nikolaev ran from Natasha Koroleva
Queen does not discourage awkward situation.

March 16 at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow held a grand premiere show 48-year-old singer Philip Kirkorov with the eloquent title "I". Tickets for the concert were sold during the month before the date, and on the ground could see the Russian stars of the first magnitude, said the publication "UznayVse."

Among the spectators were Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Queen. When the singer with his young wife took their places, it appears that on one hand from Igor sits his current wife Julia Proskuryakova, and conveniently located another ex-wife Natasha Queen.

First, Igor Nikolaev was trying to distract from the serious thoughts, staring at the cell phone, but eventually could not stand the tension with his wife Julia moved to the next row. It is worth noting that the Queen was not embarrassed awkward situation.

17 March 2016, 17:13