» » » At the hospital, after a strange accident died former son-Blokhin. The case was trying to "deputy 039yaty & # '(+ video)

At the hospital, after a strange accident died former son-Blokhin. The case was trying to "deputy 039yaty & # '(+ video)

At the hospital, after a strange accident died former son-Blokhin. The case was trying to
Brokers blamed the accident & # 039yazuyut with the higher echelons of power.

Ukrainian musician, rapper, a volunteer and former soldier ATO Sergey Larkin (Larson) died as a result of injuries sustained in an accident in mid-September. This was announced on his page on the social network Facebook priest UOC-KP, a military chaplain Konstantin Kholodov.

"Larson died the kingdom of heaven to you, brother" - he wrote late on Saturday, 26 September.

Earlier in the day Kholodov wrote that Larkin is in serious condition.

The death of the musician confirmed his other friends. Yes, Emma Maev wrote on his pagein social networks: "The memory, Sergey Larkin (Larson) No one wants to believe in your death, but she ruthlessly took you to another world ".

Volunteer and race car driver Alex Mochanov wrote in his Facebook: "We called the guys from 17th hospital. At 22:35 Serge went Larkin. The rapper Larson, Special Forces soldier who fought in the ATO, motorist and biker, singer and rap Choi, a notorious and familiar - another.

Death on the road. The bike and jeep. It makes no sense. It is sad. It hurts. Let the competent sorted out who is guilty. and what to do. RIP finished fight, brother. No war is over Rest in peace . Sorry. "

Earlier, lawyer Andrei Tsygankov, which deals with accidents involving Sergey Larkin, shared with the site TSN.ia details go investigate the accident.

The expert said that the girl, who was driving the SUV Cadillac Escalade, which knocked the actor, not proved at the scene. First aid actor gave passersby.

Now lawyer gathers the necessary evidence and testimony relating to the accident.

"While the case is not transferred to the investigating authorities, this we know. The wine party will be determined by the court. In our opinion, the driver, a girl, not proved against the victim Sergei. His friends and relatives gathered medicines, blood in the morning he was lighter is again worse. no information about the designated investigator in Solomenskiy police department I have not got as is likely, the materials have not passed, "- said Andrew.

The lawyer said that the accident picture has a lot of "white spots" and contradictions.

"The official details yet, but what we know - is the presence attempts to destroy records cameras. This we were told to" Ultramarine. "They clearly evident violation of traffic rules by the driver of the SUV. They not only travel into the oncoming lane, a moving violation crossroads. she also did not miss it. rather, because of what happened will open a case under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of traffic safety rules) and transferred to the police department Solomyansky . While we are looking for witnesses to the events that have actually saved the life of Sergei, giving first aid, which has made a culprit accident "- said Tsygankov.

Lawyer alarming lack of timely information on traffic police and the Kyiv police about the accident. We note that our website also failed to get through to the police, because the public relations department for the second day did not respond. "Surprising is the fact that the identity of the girl has not been established and information from the police as a short report on the event also provided. In addition, no information that the driver was intoxicated. We do not even know whether it passed the test. This information should be in all high-profile accidents, "- said Tsygankov.

"This accident is unusual in that Cadillac had a much greater dimensions compared to the motorcycle. Moreover, zachynylasya driver in the car, while the video TSN.ia see that it speaks of the low speed of Larson. Another point is that driver claimed that riding a green light, "- said the lawyer Larson.

"This position raises questions. I can speculate that usually behave as law enforcement officials, who hope to resolve the issue otherwise. Or - a person close to the government, but so far it is unknown" - shared with us the details of the case lawyer.

Tsygankov said that in fact already be prosecuted.

Last Friday, Andrei Tsygankov told TSN.ia website details of his meeting with investigators.

It was found that the probability is close to government circles Anna Gerasymchuk, the case is only the owner of the SUV Cadillac Escalade.

This is a car with a number plate AA 2255 PC knocked Sergei Larkin September 17 Uritskogo street near the shopping center "Ultramarine".

Earlier it was reported that a woman is shown driving the car at the time of the accident, and is its owner, Anna Gerasymchuk. However, now the lawyer confirmed the authenticity of the information provided on his page on the social network rapper brother - Michael. Driver car class "luxury" was medical specialist and head of the clinic, "Altera" Irina Woodrow Wilson.

09 March 2016, 4:25