» » » Raiding the Pedagogical University. The Minister informed?

Raiding the Pedagogical University. The Minister informed?

Raiding the Pedagogical University. The Minister informed?
Now many ministers understand that work remained a few days and should seek "alternate aerodromes." Not exception and was Minister of Education Sergey Apr. In particular, according to our information, preparing the way a derogation from the ministerial post, Sergei Myronovych started to look for a cushy place. Return to his alma mater, he is not going well, and the team of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy gave him a clear understanding of what will be opposed. Therefore, Mr Apr turned his attention to other university - National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. The first step to capture "strategic heights" was lobbying his authorized person for the position of sole head of the Supervisory Board of the University.Kvit confidant was known Regions, former Cabinet Minister Yanukovich and Azarov Anatoly Tolstoukhov.Mr Tolstoukhov took just the best room in the building of the University Screwed massive sign on the door with his name. By the way, Anatolii Tolstoukhov, who suffered two revolutions, is also the president of the Ukraine-Russia. As Russia is able to "make friends", we all know. This we have not started merits mention Anatoliy Tolstoukhov to the Party of Regions.
Another interesting point biographies odious Regions associated with crime. In 2005 his apartment was searched. This occurred as part of the investigation into the theft of documents from Lviv Historical Archives. In particular, they talked about 44 letters Hrushevskoho, "Presented" Viktor Yanukovych National Historic. Letters then never foundThe second step to raider attacks Pedagogical University was the removal of the first pro-rector, corresponding member of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor Padalka.Who is strongly recommended by the Ministry of Education and "academic" Tolstoukhov vpyhayut eliminated rector in place? Great professional pedagogy, Major General Security Service, the KGB went to school, Nicholas Boychuk. From the SSU he was once assigned an adviser to the former as Alexander Omelchenko and ran it in for small orders.Last year, his ambitions prevailed and he ran to Kyyivmiskrady in Obolon, but to stimulate students did not give him the desired victory.Mr. Boychuk is still acting prefix to his post, but that did not stop him for a few days around the deal and "signal" Minister Sergey Kvit of "systemic violations" in the university. It would seem that they are driven by good intentions. But planned test at the university over a month ago and no violations found. But as yet the current Minister of Education Sergey Flowers, need a reason to change the leadership of the university, he initiates a "comprehensive review of unscheduled" by checking the appropriate ministerial resolution on a simple piece of paper signed Boychuk.
Raiding the Pedagogical University. The Minister informed?
Today the main Pedagogical University troubled country. In the rector, vice-rectors and deans write anonymous. Some employees are intimidated, others promise big and bright prospects after the change of leadership.Meanwhile, the learning process is, students learn and they absolutely no work no to dirty intrigues But the rector of them his respect and, as reported by our newspaper, it would be better Excellency minister, allotted to the resignation of time to do education reform and increase scholarships, not backstage games and resuscitation odious people from the environment Yanukovych.Peter Shevchenko

11 March 2016, 15:48